If you have sold your home, you probably think that everything inside and outside the house belongs to you and you will take it when you move, right? Wrong! It turns out that there are several items that you will be expected to leave for the sellers once that contract is signed. And, despite what you are thinking, none of them are washers, dryers, or other appliances (although in certain areas, conveying them is so usual that you might cause waves if you bring them with you). You may not expect to leave these items when you go, but c’est la vie - it’s what’s legal and right.

Fixed Indoor & Outdoor Items

Sellers and buyers tend to get into a lot of arguments over items like swing sets, basketball hoops, and other outdoor items. The rule of thumb is that, if it is bolted down, it stays with the house. So, if you have a basketball hoop that is only held down by sand, you should be okay to take that one with you, if you wish. The swing set, on the other hand, is a no-go. This also applies to patio furniture, jacuzzis, and other outdoor decor.

Blinds & Light Fixtures (Even Custom Ones!)

Believe it or not, this rule applies to the interior of your house as well. Window treatments are expected to go with the house - yes, even those custom blinds that you paid an arm and a leg for. Besides, those curtain rods and Venetians are made especially for the house’s windows anyway - it just makes sense to leave them behind. This also - and it’s a big one - includes light fixtures. If you have a special chandelier or vintage light fixture that you can’t live without, make sure that you take it down and replace it with something else before you put your home on the market. This also applies to ceiling fans.

Garden & Plants

Your garden, however lovingly tended, also conveys with the house unless you say otherwise in your listing. You can’t just dig up your flora and stick it in the U-Haul truck. The plants and shrubs around your house are considered part of the property… like I said, unless you are explicit in your listing that these things are coming with you. Even if you cover your butt, you can expect these things to become arguing points with prospective buyers.

Being crystal clear about what you can take with you when you go is important, as violating the legal terms of what conveys can lead to very angry buyers… or even lawsuits! If you have any questions, talk to your agent about the issue before you list to avoid any future problems.