Prepping a home for sale in the springSpringtime is the hottest time of the year when it comes to real estate. Buying slows down in the winter, so the arrival of warmer weather brings along with it a flood of prospective homeowners who have been pent up for months. If you are planning on selling your home this spring, you should be working NOW to optimize your listing for the competitive, busy market. Read on to find out some great tips for preparing your Northern Virginia home for the spring market. 

Tip One: Declutter

First impressions are everything when it comes to selling a home. Real estate professionals agree: nothing will turn off a buyer when they first come through the door quite like clutter. One thing that all staged homes have in common? The decor is minimal, and there is plenty of free, clear floor space. Now is the time to put away family pictures (to make it easier for would-be buyers to see themselves in your home), put superfluous furniture in storage, and get rid of the assorted odds and ends that you have laying around. 

Tip Two: Get Squeaky Clean!

The second thing you will notice about all professionally-staged homes? They are as clean as a whistle. If you haven’t yet completed your spring cleaning, you surely should do it before you put that “FOR SALE” sign out on the lawn. You want every nook and cranny of your home to be tidy, shining, and white-glove clean. Dust the blinds, wipe down the baseboards, wash the curtains, and give every surface a thorough scrubbing. This would be a great time to touch up any chipped or flaking paint, to patch any old nail holes, and to swap any burned-out lightbulbs as well. 

Tip Three: Make Needed Improvements

We touched on this one briefly at the end of the last section, but you want to be sure that everything in your home is in perfect working order. Are all the fans working, or are they warped and rusty? ‘You might not have the money to completely reno a bathroom, but you can replace the grout and caulk to brighten up its appearance. You can also replace old light switch covers and outlet plates, doorknobs, and other hardware to make your home look fresher. Money that you spend at this point will easily be made back in equity in your home. 

Tip Four: Think Curb Appeal

Once you’ve spruced up the inside of your home, it’s time to give some thought to what the outside looks like. Research shows that buyers will know within thirty seconds of pulling up whether they are seriously interested in your home or not. Make the first impression a great one. Keep the lawn freshly mowed, pressure-wash the driveway, sidewalks, and patio, and consider a fresh coat of paint for the front door. Plant some colorful flowers and wash the windows so that they shine!

Tip Five: Price It Right

Once your home looks great inside and out, it’s time to get a qualified real estate professional to help you price your home accurately. Buyers want a great deal, but you obviously want to make as much money as possible off your home. A real estate agent with experience and know-how will be able to compare your home to others that have recently sold in the area, all the better to come up with a price that is fair and will help sell your home quickly.