For many people, the laundry room of their home is the least-exciting part of the house. For apartment-dwellers or those with smaller domiciles, the laundry “room” may actually just be a laundry “area” where the washer and dryer are stuck in a small utility closet - or, worse: exposed in the kitchen for the whole world to see. Even in the best of cases, the laundry room is usually a dank addition to the garage or basement, with zero personality and all the charm of a dead beetle. Your challenge: reinvigorate your space with a few simple hacks to make your laundry space neater, prettier, and more functional! 

1. Go with a pop of color

If you have a laundry room with a door that closes, this is your excuse to make the area fabulous. Have a favorite color that you wouldn’t dare use on a full room in the rest of the house? Get out your roller and let your passion for brighter hues emerge! The laundry room is also a great place to experiment with funky wallpaper or unexpected ceramic backsplashes. 

2. Section off the space

If you don’t have a dedicated laundry room, how about doing your best to hide your washer, dryer, and all the accoutrements (baskets, detergent, etc.) that go along with it? Consider investing in a new pair of curtains, a cool room divider, or a set of folding doors. No matter how neat you are, a visible laundry area will never look as nice as one that’s tastefully concealed. 

3. Amp your organization with the right accessories

We’re no fans of clutter, and the right organizational accessories can go a long way toward making your laundry room more functional and a less-stressful place to be. Imagine some fabulous baskets for detergent, dryer sheets, and stain remover, and some decorative jars for holding clothespins, safety pins, and other such notions that you’ll need to get your clothes clean and in good condition.

4. Splash out on a light fixture

The main problem with most laundry rooms? They are dark and depressing! Change up your whole outlook by purchasing and installing a new light fixture for your space, preferably one that is pretty enough to put you in a good mood every time you eyeball it! With enough light, identifying faint stains before you toss clothes in the washer will be a breeze.

There’s no excuse for a dismal laundry room when a few small touches will transform your space into one that you actually look forward to using! Your challenge: Find little ways that you can brighten up your own laundry space, be it a room, closet, or corner.