Brambleton is a highly-desirable suburb in Northern Virginia, near Ashburn. Its beautiful scenery, great schools, and high quality of life make this one of Loudoun County’s top neighborhoods.

Reasons to Move to Alexandria, VA

  1. It has proximity to the metro DC area (quick 30 miles northwest of Washington, D.C), which can't be overstated for most families.
  2. It has a high quality of life for residents fortunate enough to call this place home—parks and pools, golf courses, classes at the Community Center, and more.
  3. The schools are flat out great. Loudon County Schools in general are among the best in the state, and Brambleton in particular has a choice selection for families. 

We've covered in depth what it's like to live in Brambleton - the amenities and lifestyle within this master-planned community. 

Why Locals Love Living in Alexandria

But what do folks love so much about living in Brambleton? Let them tell you in their own words, according to reviews on, and other sources. 

I have lived in Brambleton with my family for the past four years. It has wonderful, diverse neighborhoods, and a very kid-friendly environment! I live near many of my friends and have very nice neighbors. My favorite memory was going to see the Brambleton 4th of July fireworks show with my friends. Living here has been a very pleasant experience.” (Current Resident)

There is a lot of new construction and businesses opening up and along with them there are a lot of job opportunities opening up.” ( user)

Very safe area for families, police force is attentive and there is a low crime rate due to extensive precautions taken for the safety of others within schools, shops, on the road, and other public places.” ( user)

What’s the best place to live in Virginia? That depends on who you ask, but according to a new set of rankings released by, the D.C. suburb of Arlington is the best place to live in Virginia.  Not surprisingly, Northern Virginia dominated the list, and particularly Loudoun County, which owned most of the top 10.  Brambleton came in at #3, earning an overall A+ on the report card with high marks for great schools, housing, jobs, outdoor activities, health & fitness, and diversity.” (Ashburn Patch)

The future of this area is bright. I am a college student living in my parents' home here in VA, and I plan to purchase my own home in the area after grad school. I love this area.” (Current Resident)

What I continue to appreciate most about Brambleton is the very thing that captured my attention the first time I visited here over 10 years ago: its serene landscape that not only attracts wildlife in the appropriate places, but places boundaries from the hustle and bustle of vehicular traffic.” (Pamela Keegan, resident)

We have the best neighbors ever. Our kids are friends, we’re friends, we vacation together, it’s great. We love the people who make this community so special.” (Donna, resident)

Brambleton families are part of Loudoun County Public Schools, one of the nation’s top districts for public education. We’ve got a number of first-rate elementary, middle and high schools, and are currently working on developing two new schools over the next few years.” ( blog)

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