Who doesn’t love shopping on your local Craigslist page for great deals? I myself have saved tons of money buying home goods on the internet buy-and-sell site, including a like-new IKEA bunkbed and an ornate light fixture that looks just perfect in my hallway. It’s true that, with a lot of items, you should always check Craigslist before buying new since you can save a bundle. On the other hand, there are some home items you should NEVER buy from the strangers on Craigslist. Read on to find out more. 

“Designer” Items

Beware of buying that Coach purse on Craigslist, say experts. Odds are that the item with a too-good-to-be-true price is actually counterfeit. Trafficking in fake designer goods is against the law and hurts the manufacturers of actual designer goods. Plus, it’s a huge waste of your money. Unless the item in question comes with a receipt or some other proof of authenticity, skip buying these things used. 

Used Appliances

Buying appliances secondhand is a risky proposition because you just don’t know the item’s history. For one thing, an appliance that was incorrectly disconnected may not be able to be put back the right way. There’s also the fact that it could have intermittent running problems that the seller knows about, but chooses not to disclose. Unless the seller lets you try out the appliance and you feel very confident of its condition, stay away from used ovens, dryers, and other major purchase items.


This is the biggest “yuck” factor on the list, because mattresses, futons, pillows, and basically anything else that a person can sleep on could potentially be totally gross without you knowing it. First of all, can you say “bed bugs?” These creatures can be easy to overlook when you first pick up a mattress and nearly impossible to eradicate once they infect your home. And that’s to say nothing of seeped-in bodily fluids or other pests. Like we said, DISGUSTING. If you plan to sleep on it, buy it new. 

Certain Children’s Items

It’s smart to try and save on infant- and child-related items where you can, since these things are generally expensive and rarely see much heavy use. A posh stroller that you couldn’t ever afford brand-new? Great. A Diaper Genie, bathtub, or even lots of used clothing? Go for it. But never buy a used car seat or crib. There’s just no way of ensuring that these items are safe for your child. Car seats have an expiration date, which many parents ignore. If your car is in an accident, however, the protective foam that maintains the integrity of the car seat may be gone, leading to injury. And there have been so many recalls on cribs in recent years that you just can’t be certain if a used one is okay.