Fairfax, Virginia is an independent city and enclave in Fairfax County. The city is only seventeen miles from the nation’s capital, and it is widely acknowledged as one of the best places to live not only in Virginia, but in the United States as well.

Both the county and the city offer residents a high quality of life. Here are a few things we love about it: 

  • You find many of Virginia's best parks in Fairfax County—these are parks that offer all sorts of fantastic play spaces, amenities, and well-kept grounds. 
  • Located just sixteen miles southwest of Washington, D.C., it's dead-simple to commute to anywhere in the Metro DC area, but it's far enough away that residents enjoy space, quiet, and slower pace of life than the city. 
  • The Fairfax school system regularly ranks among the best in the country.  

Fairfax is a great place to live, and there seem to be an ending stream of reasons to move to Fairfax, but don’t take it from us - let the current residents of the city tell you why, in their own words. Here's what residents have to say about living here, pulled from Niche.com and other websites!

“Fairfax, Virginia is a suburban city with a diverse and safe living. The public and private schools from K-12 all the way up to colleges and universities are high quality with educated students. I grew up in Fairfax, Virginia with positive experiences in school, with making friends, learning and growing in positive work environments, and overall, felt safe and respected. I highly recommended Fairfax, Virginia.” (Nearby Resident)

“You will never hear anyone say that they can't find something to do here. There's a healthy variety of cultures, city life and outdoor recreation, and employment opportunities. . . . The quality of life simply can't be beat. It's conveniently close to DC and has a metro running through the heart of the city, so commuters don't have to worry about working far from home. The public schools are recognized for their superb educational quality and George Mason University has a great reputation.” (Current Resident)

“The roads here are BEAUTIFUL! The community is very diverse, and everyone is incredibly thoughtful and kind.” (Current Resident)

“Fairfax is a clean city with lots of family options. There are so many places and local communities. I live near Monument Drive and often visit Fairfax Corner which has a plethora of amenities for both families or parents looking for a date night. The central water fountain will entertain your children for hours while you and your significant other catch up on some much needed personal time. There is also a movie theater and [ice] cream shop. Love this town.” (Current Resident)

“I love how friendly and accessible the community is. There so many programs and different events openly accessible to all, particularly in the City of Fairfax. With parades, football games, Rock the Block and many different camps, there is always something going on for anyone of any age.” (Current Resident)

“I have enjoyed growing up and living in Fairfax. It is very diverse, there are many opportunities to grow and succeed. Schools are good, and while it is pricey to live here, there are great places to visit, learn, have fun and grow.” (Current Resident)

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