Moving is stressful enough, let alone when you have a pet. Pet relocation is very challenging, between figuring out the logistics of how you will get your furbaby to its new home and worrying about your cat’s or dog’s stress level. Plus, there’s all the paperwork and hassles of proving that your pet is fit for travel, which can be a real headache during a trying time. Ideally you have already investigated the pet-friendliness of the community you will be joining, but if not, that’s just one more thing to worry about. Where are the dog parks? 

How to Organize Your Pet Relocation

Luckily, Northern Virginia is a very pet-friendly community, and you will likely find a welcoming environment for your furry friend. If you are moving to the area, you need resources to help you ensure that your pet arrives safely and has space to run, play, and feel like they are at home. 

A good pet relocation company is priceless when it comes to transporting your pet, especially on a long move. Air Club for Pets gets a shout-out because they are based nearby, right in Chantilly, and they’ll move your kitty or pup door-to-door with specially-built crates, VIP service during transport, and full-service health verification, meaning that they take care of providing adequate shot records and other proof that your animal is healthy and fit for travel. They transport pets both domestically and internationally, and they come highly recommended. 

Best Dog Parks in Northern Virginia

In Ashburn, you’ll love taking your doggie to One Loudoun Dog Park, which is fenced in and has plenty of shade for owners to relax during these hot summer days. Herndon’s Chandon Dog Park features restrooms for pet parents, benches, shade, water for thirsty pups, and a dedicated area for small dogs where they can frolic without fear. Grist Mill Dog Park in Alexandria has special landscaping, which means that little paws won’t get covered in mud, with fencing and strategically-placed trees to provide a canopy. And, in Arlington, the place to be is Benjamin Banneker Dog Park, which has amenities such as a watering station (and a nearby stream!), restrooms, benches, and space for small dogs. What more could you ask for? 

If you are relocating your pet to Northern Virginia, you need not fret about the mechanics of how it will get done, or that your pet won’t have a great place to play when they get here. One less thing to worry about when bringing your family to one of the country’s best places to live!